You may be surprised to learn that this beautiful young lady suffered a spinal fracture as a puppy. As you can see from the picture it most certainly does not slow her down.

This young lady is Ailsa, some of the screws from her fracture repair started to cause some problems. She had a left hind limb lameness and investigation found that some of the screws on one side were impinging on the sacroiliac joint.

Dog jumping

Jacques removed the screws from the offending area and she remained in the hospital for a few days before going home.

She went home with some medication and a recovery plan to her lovely owners to continue her care. As you can see from the fab pictures she is doing very well.

Everyone here at Vet Extra couldn’t be happier and wish them all the best.

dog running on beach
dog running on beach

That’s our girl!!

Thanks again to Jacques and everyone at Vet Extra Neurology, they truly are amazing people and basically gave Ailsa back her life as a happy healthy dog after her accident.


Can I add my thanks, I was with Eleanor when Ailsa had her accident and never believed that once the fracture was diagnosed that she’d ever be back running like she is, your amazing work and her mum and dad’s determination and love have given Ailsa her life back and she’s living it to the max


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