It’s been another busy time here at Vet Extra Neurology. This little beauty is called Bella, she came to us as she had been stood on by a horse and her first opinion vet found she had a fractured vertebrae and a dislocation in her neck (see top right pictures).

On presentation she had no neurological deficits and was able to use her legs. For this reason it was decided to try a neck brace, though unfortunately this did not help so she went for surgery to stabilise the dislocation and the fracture (see bottom left pictures).

She went home after some rest with us and the pictures of her below are after her recheck x-rays so she looks a bit sleepy.

Bella with fractured spine and dislocated neck treated at Vet Extra neurology.

Jacques is very pleased with her progress and she is looking fab so we wish her and her family a fabulous time now she is getting back to her old self.

She is a fab little girl!!!

Vet Extra Neurology

Thank you Jacques and all at Broadleys Vet Hospital.

I want to thank you all for the care and attention that bubbles my 6 year old pug received in the nearly 3 weeks he was in your care . He was a wee trouper and I think he is my wee miracle to recover after his arachnoid operation and subsequent operation and the worry of him getting back on his feet.

It’s been a slow process over the last 2 months but I can now say he he is nearly back to pre operation . He looks even better as I felt he needed to lose a few points to help his joints and back and he has lost 3lbs and is looking great , his fur is also growing in nicely.

Thank you Jacques for your daily update and patiently dealing with me through the low times of his recovery.

Vet Extra Neurology

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