We don’t have favourites at Vet Extra Neurology as we love all of our patients. But if we did this little lad called Bertie would be somewhere on that list.

Bertie presented to Jacques with hind leg paralysis. This was investigated further using MRI (bottom image), you can see the compression of the spinal cord where the large white arrow is placed.

This was treated by Jacques performing a surgical technique called a Hemilaminectomy (not a tongue tie at all….) and Bertie stayed with us for about a week to recover.

Dog Bertie after surgery at Vet Extra neurology

He made a very good recovery and loved getting cuddles from his nurses on a daily basis.

During his stay we saw a lot of improvement in his movement and he has since gone home to his loving mum, dad and brother (see picture) where he is continuing to make good progress.

His mum and dad are happy to have him home and we wish him a continued speedy recovery and look forward to his updates.

We miss his little face in the ward but happy he is home enjoying life with his family.

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