We have been sitting on this case a little because we wanted to ensure this boy was well on the way to recovery as he wriggled into everyone’s heart during his stay.

His story demonstrates how complications can arise from such delicate surgery within a very delicate area.

This is Steal, he is a very handsome Weimeraner who has seen more than his fair share of VEN. Steal initially had a ventral slot procedure for multiple discs including C5-C6 compressing his spine, he recovered and went home.

Shortly after going home following the surgery he presented with paralysis of all four limbs with no improvement with medical intervention.

He was admitted for further investigation, he had a repeat MRI scan which revealed further compression of Cervical vertebrae 5 and 6 due to a combination of ligament protrusion, haemorrhage and reactive tissue.

Dog Steal at Vet Neurology Stirling
Dog Steal at Vet Neurology Stirling

x-ray dog spine

Steal was prepared for a revision surgery to decompress the spinal cord. After his revision surgery Steal remained with us to monitor his condition and to keep him comfortable with pain relief.

Over the next days and weeks Steal started to show good improvement moving both his fore limbs and hind limbs over time. He went home when able to support himself but with a slight wobble, with his lovely owners using a body harness to avoid any pressure around Steal’s neck.

He was still to be rested with a little exercise with this increasing week on week. His owners have sent us the above photos and he looks fabulous!!!

This boy had everyone wrapped around his paw and would always be willing for some 1-2-1 time. A sweet, sweet boy and we wish him and his family all the best for the future. Sending hugs Steal

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