Cubby belongs to one of our nurses Vicky. Cubby presented with intermittent crying on being lifted up and not quite acting like his usual happy self.

He was examined by Jacques and he advised an MRI, from the middle top picture you can see Cubby had quite a sizeable disc prolapse which was operated on that day.

Cubby came through his operation very well and went home with Vicky soon after where you can see he is doing very well. He is still on very strict rest, though he forgets that sometimes though still being a very good patient.

We wish him a speedy recovery so he can get back with his friends at the doggy creche.

He had all the nurse wrapped around his paw but I think you’ll agree that wouldn’t be hard with a face as cute as his!!!!

Dog who had treatment at Vet Extra neurology with x-rays and being hugged by nurse
Vet Extra Neurology
Vet Extra Neurology

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