We have included a little video of a beautiful boy called Gunner. Gunner presented to Jacques following a fall on some concrete stairs.

Gunner had an MRI scan and Jacques found he had sustained an Intraspinal Haematoma (an accumulation of blood within the spinal canal) which was compressing his spinal cord.

Jacques performed a Hemilaminectomy (removing part of the Lamina) with a Durotomy (Incision into the Dura) to relieve the pressure on the spinal cord by removing the haematoma from his spinal cord.

To manage his lack of ambulation Gunner had a urinary catheter placed, so his bladder did not become distended due to him being unable to posture correctly.

He remained at the hospital for a week or two in order to manage his pain, urinary catheter and monitor his progress. He went home to his owners with a number of medications and strict rest instructions so he could recover and made good progress.

The video shows his progress very well we feel. He is an absolute superstar and made many friends while at the hospital. Hope you are enjoying running about Gunner!!!!

Jacques and the team cared for our dog Gunner. The referral was very prompt and we were seen within a couple of hours of referral (we live an hour and a half away so referral couldn’t be quicker).
Turned out, Gunner had a spinal cord blood clot and surgery was required.

We can’t thank the whole team enough for everything they done for our ‘wee boy’. Jacques was professional, compassionate and very informative, allowing us to make informed decisions. His expertise and skill saved Gunner! We can’t thank him enough.

Our boy is quite needy so can only imagine how much care and attention the nurses gave him. Their hard work is massively appreciated. They really have helped his recovery.

The admin team were professional, compassionate and friendly too.. always helps when you are thinking the worst of a treasured family pet.

We can’t rate Vet Extra Neurology Stirling highly enough… Thank you all.


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