Here is another Spidey dog update. She is doing incredibly well and is still living it up!!!
We hope you continue to love life Spidey dog!!!

From your friends at Vet Extra x


Dear Jacques

Mum says today is being 4 months since you are all being lucky enough to be meeting me.

I am still being very busy every day and doing good helping on the farm. Mum says I am still being fat but I am needing my weight so that I can pin Hudson down because he is being much bigger than me now. I am playing with Hudson nonstop. He is my new best friend and Scout is jealous and doing lots of barking because we are not letting her play with us and it is driving Mum and Dad up the wall.

Scout is being even sicker than me as in the past week her kidneys, pancreas and liver is not working good and she is going to be doing her dying before me. Mum is being very very sad and I am giving her lots of hugs.

A lot of people have been visiting and everyone is saying that I am not looking sick at all. My legs are being a bit wobbly again though so Mum is maybe needing to do more of her magic kissing.

This year, as I am being very special, I have been having two birthdays like the Queen. I was being 8 1/2 in October and Mum is making me a birthday cake out of steak and it was delicious (better than the diet food)

Mum is putting a post and a picture on Facebook saying she is feeling like a drug dealer making all the broccoli wraps for my diet and then two policemen is turning up at the door but it is all ok, Mum is not being arrested, they are looking for naughty Ben who is not paying his fine.

My new sister is being born and even though Mum is paying in full for her up front they are still cutting the tail off and Mum is having a big fit (she was needing to be taking some of my medicine).

Dad says this is probably a good thing though because if I keep doing my good living then Mum would not be able to be going to collect my sister anyway. I am not good at sharing Mum so I don’t actually want a new sister to live with us so no puppies are coming until next year so that I can keep having Mum all to myself.

It’s time to go; Hudson looks like he needs beat up again.

Keep doing all your good saving.

Spider dog

PS We are not getting all the squares yet from the knitting demo but I will post them when we do.

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