Spider has a brain tumour and is currently enjoying life with palliative care. Here is Spider’s owners account of her happy life –

Dear Jacques

I am still doing good and being very busy. Mum says it is her magic tumour shrinking kisses (she is doing a bit too much of the kissing 💋).

I am playing every day with Dad’s puppy and I have been trying to teach Scout how to do good helping so she can help Mum when I am gone. Scout is being sacked after three days as she is not doing good waiting at the gates like me and she is running off and eating poo (ALL the TIME) and then being very sick and having runny poo in the house.

There are lots of things happening in October so I am going to be living until then. Matilda is really not being happy about this as she is not getting to see Harry Potter in London in the holidays because I am doing my good living.

Firstly we are going to a special demo fair where people are going to knit squares for the sick dog coats (Mum is not being very good at knitting and I am writing to the knitting machine club). They are going to let Mum and me have a go too, I am hoping that we can be knitting ice cream cones as well as squares. 🍦🍦

Secondly Auntie Kerrie is coming to visit in October and I love her, she is bringing her new boyfriend for me to see. Auntie Kerrie does a special helping job for the police. She looks in to people’s heads to see if they are sad or mad or bad and she says you are not to worry about Mum as she is ok and she is not any of these things (Dad is not agreeing with her).

Lastly I am maybe getting a sister being born in October. Mum is paying money in July (I know, I am not even being dead yet) so they are not cutting the tail off. Mum is not having just any puppy, she is finding one that is as special as me (not going to happen 👀).

Mum is being very lucky to have me as I am only coming to live with Mum because boxer rescue is turning her down. Mum is letting dogs be rabbiting and not walking dogs on leads and this apparently is very bad. I am only on a lead when I am seeing cats or dogs or swapping kisses for biscuits with the old people I visit on Mondays. (Mum is having to do her good watching here as sometimes they are eating my dog biscuits).

No time for chat I have to go as it’s time for work and more magic kisses 💋.


PS I had good holidays and got to eat Chinese and lots of people came to cuddle me. Ben had good holidays too but he is being naughty again and spending all his money after 3 days.


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boxer dog
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boxer dog
boxer dog
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