We have had a number of very cute patients recently to talk about but we can only post a few or you might get bored of cuteness. So here is Jacques’s choice.

This is little Treacle, Treacle presented with paralysis of her hind legs, inability to wag her tail and no control over urination.

These signs were consistent with a spinal cord issue around her thoracolumbar junction. MRI scanning confirmed Jacques’s suspicions showing the presence of an extruded disc with marked spinal cord compression (see middle picture in collage).

Jacques performed a Hemilaminectomy to decompress the spinal cord and made openings in three disc spaces in front of that to try and reduce the chance of it happening again as these were dehydrated.

She was hospitalised with us for while with bladder management to ensure her control returned along with her leg movement. She made good improvement while hospitalised and was sent home to continue her recovery with her family.

She is a sweet, strong-willed little girl so we expect her to continue making big steps and wish her a speedy recovery.

Treacle a Daschund had a hemilaminectomy at Vet Extra neurology. Image shows Treacle and myelogram x-rays
Vet Extra Neurology

Good job Jacq!


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